Begining as Bob Dylan-esque folk music featuring only an acoustic guitar and harmonica, Rugged Russian Bear has evolved into a full assult quirky rock band with 3 part harmony. Grounded on a writting style that mimics olde world storytellers, the lyrics of Rugged Russian Bear speak of love, triumph, failure, imagination, supernatural, travel, and just plain life in general

Von Strantz , their sound is brilliant, beautiful and downright soulful. Founding member Jess Strantz, who after many years of being in indie rock bands, decided it was time to start to step up her game as a storyteller, composer and arranger and started Von Strantz in the summer of 2012. She invited her favorite musicians Kelsey Artzen, Nicolas Leatherman, Josiah Gaut, Chad Campbell, Kristen McDonald and Isaiah Brock to accompany her.

Von Strantz’s music is a continuous story of a community of people who are searching for beauty, honesty and truth, in the world around them and most of all in the community they have with each other.

You can sense this greatly not only in their music but in their live performance. With Jess Strantz’s powerful and soulful voice, along with Von Strantz’s catchy melodies, reminiscing of old spirituals, tight musicianship, and unique story telling, you will not feel like you are being performed at, but instead find yourself being invited into their story.

[From the band's Facebook]

Imagine you’re back in time enjoying the groove and virtuosity of 70’s art-rock band, then hurled decades forward, colliding with the energy and intensity of today’s indie rock scene. There’s unexpectedly powerful jazzy female vocals intertwined with a strong, satin-smooth male voice. Thumping synth basslines and popping, funky drumbeats drive the skillfully intricate guitar playing and explosions of electric violin string-shredding. Reflecting their influences of past and present (including Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, the Talking Heads, Arcade Fire, and the White Stripes), the StereoFidelics avoid performing with loops, computers, and digital effects in favor of the more organic approach of using Moog Taurus pedals, scat vocal solos, and multi-instrumentalism. You see, the fast-fingered guitar player (Chris Padgett) keeps the basslines pounding through a one-octave floor keyboard, the tiny female vocalist (Melissa McGinley) is also the drummer; he sings too, and she plays violin. They perform with a natural passion and synchronicity that not only dispels any association with the herky-jerky one-man-band cliché, but post-performance, leaves their audience sympathetically exhausted and dripping with sweat.

The Ex-Bombers play dirtbag spy jazz or beatnik punk, depending on who describes it, though both represent facets of the group’s seedy sound. The duo started in 2010 in Columbia, MO before moving to their current residence in Charleston, IL (home of Eastern Illinois University). Keri Cousins provides the rhythm for the pair on a small Rogers drumset and provides her vocals. Scott Walus plays a Hagstrom 8-string bass (EADG octaves) and shares vocals. They play dark but catchy songs using only these instruments, without distortion of digital trickery. The songs result from crashing into the awkward years of adulthood when the hangovers last two days instead of just one. This all leads to an uneasy but provocative alliance between the flippant sounds of early Velvet Underground/Sonic Youth and the content and style of Soft Cell or Girls Against Boys.

Steven Dunn started playing music when he took his first piano lesson in kindergarten. After many years, and forgetting most of his piano lessons, Steven has finally made his own impact on the music scene. An avid songwriter, he developed a unique and personal style sliding apart from the indie standard of fashion and song style. Starting as a solo artist in December of 2009, a band started forming midway through 2010, Steven and the Savvy was born. They have been featured in Nashville, Chicago, Indianaoplis, and their hometown of Bloomington, IN. As a group they draw their inspiration from friends and family, and ultimately from all the beautiful life around them. So, come check out their shows and maybe you’ll inspire their next song.

(From their Facebook)

The pursuit of being gentlemanly, if such a thing still exists anymore, is the thing we seek. We are bringing back the lost art of chivalry, with a love for music, and for those who embrace it. So, please come enjoy the music with us, and the journey on which it leads us.

And when you see us, expect a smile, a handshake, and a badass show.

Thank you,
The Gentlemen

(From their Facebook)

With their soulful four-part harmonies, poetic lyrics and indelible melodies, it’s easy to see why the Atlanta Journal Constitution would hail von Grey as “nothing short of stunning.” They sound like they were born to play together – and, in fact, they were. The four sisters have been playing music nearly their entire lives. Classically trained from an early age, the Atlanta-based quartet – Kathryn, Annika, Fiona and Petra von Grey – have built on that foundation by performing upwards of 200 shows in the past two years, from recurring residency tours at intimate venues throughout the southeastern U.S. to supporting gigs with such artists as Sarah McLachlan.

•2012 – Enters the studio to record his first real album. Can’t wait to share it.

•2008 – Graduates High School. Enters Ball State University in the Fall as a Pre-Med major. Realizes he hates Pre-Med the first week of school and decides to pursue music instead. Never looks back.

•2005 – The Homecoming re-brands themselves as Hostile Waters. They record an EP that never gets released.

•2004 – Starts first band The Homecoming…yeah. At least they had fun.

•2003 – After refusing guitar lessons, Dad tricks Ernest into playing guitar by purchasing a guitar and lessons for sister. Not to be outdone, Ernest takes up guitar. Thanks Dad.

•2002 – Mistakenly tells parents he wants to take up the Cello thinking that is the name of the Upright Bass. To this day it’s the best mistake he’s ever made.

•1998 – Starts piano lessons. Will complain about them for the next 11 years until he stops and suddenly feels an immense void take shape in his life.

•1995 – Picks up a guitar for the first time. Doesn’t receive immediate reward and quickly puts it down.

•1990 – Born in Oak Park, Illinois

Walk the Moon (stylized as WALK THE MOON) is an indie rock band based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lead singer and Ohio native Nicholas Petricca started the band in 2008 and went through several member changes before finally coming together with current members, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman sometime in 2010. The band derives their name from the song “Walking on the Moon” by The Police. The group independently released their debut album, i want! i want!, in November 2010, receiving airplay for the track “Anna Sun” on WCRD,WFPKWKNH, and WTMD. In February 2011, Walk the Moon signed with Mick Management. They signed to RCA Records and released their first official album, Walk the Moon in June 2012. Their self-titled debut is composed of many of their original tracks from i want! i want!in addition to new tracks that were written specifically for the album and were meant to reflect the kind of energy the band produced in their live shows.

SPIN Magazine has described them as a “poppy, art-rock quartet”. They were also deemed a Nylon Magazine Band Crush for their “swirly pop beats, infectious guitar riffs, and loud, sing-a-long choruses.”

-From their Wikipedia

Mark Rose is a singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL who plays his own blend of R&B infused rock and pop.  Front man & key songwriter for rock band Spitalfield from 1998-2007, Rose has made a name for himself as a versatile songwriter and performer.

Rose recently self-released Wonderful Trouble, his debut full length album (7/5/2011).  “Rose’s full-length solo debut, has style and emotion of a John Hughes movie soundtrack,” says Aubrey Welbers of Alternative Press Magazine.  Working with producer Sean O’Keefe, the record took on a sound & shape that Mark had been working on putting together since the break-up of his former band.  “The record is a departure from Mark’s previous two EPs– a little less John Mayer and a little more Stevie Wonder,” says Indie Monday’s Matt Tanaka.  His backing band on the new recordings boasts some serious players, including Pat Sansone (Wilco) & Matt Walker (Filter, Smashing Pumpkins, Morrissey).  With guest vocal appearances from some of his touring friends (Bob Nanna, Lucas Carpenter) & a grooving rhythm section– Mark has found his stride with this album.

Mark studied music composition at Columbia College in Chicago for two years before signing a recording contract with Spitalfield in 2003 to Victory Records.  The group disbanded at the end of 2007, but not before releasing three full-length albums, selling over 130,000 copies worldwide, and taking their music to the stage in nine countries on three continents.  As one chapter ends a new chapter begins for the young musician, who is just 29 years old. “My goal is to make music I’m passionate about, and to give it my all.  If it can stand up on its own, I’ve done my job.  The rest is up to those listening to it.”

Mark has supported acts as diverse and illustrious as Third Eye Blind, Patrick Stump, Julia Nunes, Green River Ordinance, & Craig Owens, among many others.

-From his website

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