VON Strantz

Von Strantz , their sound is brilliant, beautiful and downright soulful. Founding member Jess Strantz, who after many years of being in indie rock bands, decided it was time to start to step up her game as a storyteller, composer and arranger and started Von Strantz in the summer of 2012. She invited her favorite musicians Kelsey Artzen, Nicolas Leatherman, Josiah Gaut, Chad Campbell, Kristen McDonald and Isaiah Brock to accompany her.

Von Strantz’s music is a continuous story of a community of people who are searching for beauty, honesty and truth, in the world around them and most of all in the community they have with each other.

You can sense this greatly not only in their music but in their live performance. With Jess Strantz’s powerful and soulful voice, along with Von Strantz’s catchy melodies, reminiscing of old spirituals, tight musicianship, and unique story telling, you will not feel like you are being performed at, but instead find yourself being invited into their story.

[From the band's Facebook]