In this week’s StoryBoard we look into one girl’s quest to understand a concept that is much bigger than herself in Infinity and Me by Kate Hosford. We also read some more adventures about the charming southern hare Uncle Wiggily and Tommy Tucker as well as the Pussy-cat Mole. All this and some imaginative exercises in creativity, tips to help improve your reading and, of course, the Sound Bite of the Week happen in this episode of StoryBoard.

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In this week’s edition of StoryBoard we hear two stories about our favorite gentleman rabbit, Uncle Wiggily and his encounter with Little Boy Blue and Higgilty Pigilty. We also find out what happens when a few curious animals try to join a girl and her dog on their canoe trip in One-Dog Canoe by Mary Cassanova. All thas, plus more exciting and imaginative exercises to help improve creativity and literacy can be found in this week booktastic edition of StoryBoard.

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On this week’s show we look at some more wonderful adventures of Uncle Wiggily the Gentlemen Hare, and we also hear the story about the struggles of a porcupine who can’t find a place where he is welcome in Mr. Prickles: A Quill-fated Love Story by Kara LaReau. All that, plus more imaginative exercises in creativity, reading tips and the Sound Bite in this week’s episode of Storyboard.

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On this week’s episode we explore what creatures all over the world are doing in At This Very Moment by Jim Arnosky. After that we’ll hear what happens when hog meets hare in Uncle Wiggily and the First and Second Pig. All that, plus more imaginative exercises in creativity, reading tips and, of course, the ever illusive Sound Bite of the Week this week.

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Episode 13 This week on StoryBoard, we take a look a what happens when a frog overstays his welcome in Too Many Frogs by Sandy Asher. We also tell the story of Uncle Wiggily and Mother Goose by Howard R. Garis. When a traumatic event cause Uncle Wiggly some trouble, his friends come to the rescue.

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In this week’s show we read a poem that has stood the test of time, The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore. We then read the final installment of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carol. All that, plus more fascinating music, sounds, and tips to help improve and encourage the use of your imagination!

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In this week’s episode of StoryBoard we look at the story of a puppy who just wants to find himself a boy for Christmas in The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy by Jane Thayer. And in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we rejoin Alice as she observes a trial over the Queen of Hearts’ Tarts. And more tips on how to use your imagination and improve your reading ability in this week’s StoryBoard.

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In this episode of StoryBoard we read some poems by Robert Frost, and in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice learns how to dance a lobster quadrille and then can’t quite seem to recite verse correctly for the Mock turtle and Gryphon. Plus imagination exercises, reading tips and more.

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We take a look at a special bond that only a dog and a child can share in Bubba and Beau, Best Friends by Kathi Appelt. And Alice is graced with the Duchess’ presence again before meeting a Gryffin that tells the story of the Mock Turtle in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll.

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This week we hear what Snow Women has to do to get Black Bear to bed for the winter as we read One Cold Night by Claire Ewart. We also discover if Alice will be able to hold on to her head as she meets the indomitable Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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