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Indiana Senate approves proposed same-sex marriage ban amendment

by Stephanie Wiechmann

February 17, 2014

The Indiana Senate has approved the state’s proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage this afternoon by a vote of 32-17.  In Senate chambers today, legislators took to the podium to explain their votes.  Senate Minority Leader Democrat Tim Lanane of Anderson said that the amendment is discrimination and is not necessary.

The Senate approved an amended version of the proposal that removed a ban on civil unions originally in the 2011 version.  Because of state law governing constitutional amendments, this version will need to be approved again at another legislative session before it can go to Hoosier voters.

This morning, Republican Senator Mike Delph of Carmel announced he supported the original amendment with the ban on civil unions and blamed Senate leadership for watering down the measure.

If the proposed amendment is approved during the legislative sessions in 2015 or 2016, it will be put on the general election ballot in 2016.