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Indiana University studies link between test scores and ACT scores

by Elle Moxley, StateImpact Indiana

August 14, 2012

Students at schools where scores on end-of-course assessments are improving don’t necessarily do better on college entrance exams. That’s the finding of an Indiana University researcher studying the correlation between school performance and college preparedness.  IU School of Education Professor Adam Maltese says students at schools with higher performance actually scored half a point lower on the 36-point ACT exam than students at schools where the tenth grade test scores were not as strong.

Indiana high schoolers have to take end-of-course assessments in math and English language arts to graduate. Scores on these tests factor into a school’s letter grade.   But Indiana Department of Education spokeswoman Stephanie Sample says these tenth grade tests aren’t a good indicator of college preparedness. In an email, she says that students need more than a tenth grade understanding of math and English to be successful in college.  Maltese says he’s worried that frequent standardized testing in math and English mean science and other subjects receive less attention.